About opmax

We are about skills not books.


Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs and professionals with real-world skills

Challenging the status quo

Opmax is a skills development center – a hub for training professionals both in the formal and informal sectors for the 21st century economy. We partner with industry, universities and research institutions to design our training programs.

Our training courses and programs provide real-world skills to professionals and entrepreneurs across a number of fields.  We were set up because we believe education should be more about real-world skills acquisition and not grandiose theories.

Our model

We partner with industry to design our courses and training programs.  This means the skills you acquire through us increase your employability if you are looking for career growth or business success if you are an entrepreneur.

Developed in partnership with industry

Our courses and training programs are developed in partnership with industry and taught by real practitioners.

Gain real skills

Opmax will help you gain skills in specific areas, which helps to increase your employability and business success.


Our courses are specific and flexible. Our timing is flexible. We have flexible payment plans.

Our training departments

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Training and education

We design training courses and programs that provide real-world skills to professionals and entrepreneurs across a number of fields.

On-demand office space

An on-demand office space is workspace that is available whenever you need it. At Opmax, we provide private desks and rooms whenever you need it.

Venture development

If you are looking to launch a new company, project or product, our team can help take your ideas to market.

Business consulting

Our network of professionals can provide all the insights you need to fuel business growth. We have professionals in the following field.

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